Monday, April 23, 2012

Merging with the Veggie Cauldron

Howdy All!,

Just a quick note that due to my normal crazy hectic life of being a Stay at Home Mom to Shaunessy and Lancer, Pup Moma to our new Chocolate Lab Leia (with potty training there as well), Kidney disease, Lupus, and trying to maintain a great cozy home for my husband.... I simply do not have the energy or time to try to keep up with two blogs.  I either neglect both of them or go thru phases where I tend to favorite one over the other.

So instead of trying to keep the two separate, they are merging.....hopefully this will give me more time to think of what to write about and have a more active blog.

With that said, it is Monday so I am going to post a Meatless Monday Recipe for you.

This is from the Veggie Cauldron, so if you have seen it before, sorry for the duplicate post (and also if I have posted it here as well, I have not gone thru the archives).

So last night I was making pasta for the guys.
I really wanted some pasta for myself so I came up with the above.
I took 1/2 cup of the cooked pasta and then threw it into my wooden bowl. I then added 4 leaves of torn kale, a handful of mung bean sprouts, a handful of parsley, one green onion, one tomato, and two tablespoons of Whole Foods' Vegetarian Shredded Parmasaen Cheese. I also added a bit of leftover ginger dressing I had in the fridge plus a dash of red pepper flake for a bit of heat. It was really good. I did massage the kale beforehand in the juice of 1/2 a lemon and it sat out on the counter for about an hour...that is what I was origianlly planning on eating for dinner, the Kale. I plan on making this again in the near future. Next time I want to see if pineapple juice would break the kale down the same way lemon juice does to see if I can give it even more of a tropical asian flare to it next time. I know that the pasta is not necessary Asian, I just did not want to dirty another pot to cook rice noodles, I got them, but just did not want to cook more than I have too. This combo might also work with my kelp noodles too! (I just thought about that!)

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