Friday, April 27, 2012

Ice Cream Spell

There isn't exactly a specific food ingridient that begins with the letter I. 
The two things I kept going back to are Ice Cream and Iceberg Lettuce.

So I thought about which one to write on this week.  I decided on creating an Ice Cream Spell.  This can easily be done by a Coven or a Family with small children.  For me personally, eating ice cream is a wonderful thing to do as a family or coven.  It brings people together and can serve a magical purpose as well.  It is used for many celebrations or a special treat.  It simply is one of those foods that can make you feel good when you eat it.  Why not "charge" your magical intent and make your own ice cream with your family (or coven's) energy within it. 

Let us look at the basic things needed to make Ice Cream they are:

Milk (represents the Goddess and also the element of water)

Sugar (represents the Hawaiin God Kane as well as other Egyptian Gods and also the element of water)

Vanilla (represents the vibrational energy or love if you will with the joining of the masqueline and feminine.  Its fragrance is thought to bring the bearer or in this case the eater to a higher level of consciousness.  Its elemental representation is that of Air.)

Salt (Used in its rock variety for recipe.  Salt provides the abilities to provide grounding, protection, and purification elements in this spell.   Its elemental representation is that of the Earth.)

An abundance of Ice (Both a physical and elemental representation of Water. Water can carry energy throughout its being. You can charge the water with your intent and it is a wonderful conductor of that energy.)

So for me these items used together correctly can make a wonderful ice cream that can double as a unity spell.  For Unity I mean being together as one.  One family, one coven, one purpose of intent or celebration.  

There are many different methods to make ice cream.  I have seen buckets with a crank from my own childhood to now a days there are fancy soccer balls that you can exercise while making this tasty treat.  I have also found this website that also explains a coffee can method, bowl method, and also a ziploc bag method which I plan on using in the very near future with my two energetic boys!
You can view these methods by visiting:
I hope you enjoyed this post and may you "Find the Magic in your Meals!" 



  1. Very interesting....I like

  2. I've been thinking of making ice cream with my kids, maybe we will do it with intention ;-)



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