Monday, April 30, 2012


Once someone asked me about Beltane and how I would describe it.  Last year I wrote this....

I am still in search of how to best celebrate this Sabbat and explain it to my children.  My 8 year old could really care less about anything religious at this point.  My two year old has no clue either just because he is so young.  At what age do we start to teach, share, educate our children about our faith?  When it is appropriate and when is it not?  How much do you share with them and what do you candy coat?  In regards to Beltane, I for one am not ready to talk to my children about the Fertility Rites that I hold dear about Beltane.  I am not ready for that specific talk about "Birds and the Bees".  So I take the saying and speak specifically about those animals on the face of the Earth.  I like to point out the birds that sit upon our fence and sing to us each and every morning or throught the day.  We talk about how different they are from one another from their songs to the colors of their feathers.  Michigan is blessed to have a  wide array of birds that we can watch.   As for the bees, I am very phobic about them.  So we tend to watch them from afar.  I am hoping that my favorite Bee Priestess Jacki will be able to help me conquer my fears this coming summer as she is a Bee Keeper with actual hives.  I will make sure to ask someone to take photos of that event when it happens!


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