Friday, September 30, 2011

Sisters of the Craft Gathering

Yes, I packed "light".  Just ask Ravenswood!

View from Driver's seat.

KOTH sister and First Degree Dedicant, "M"

View of the lake from the dock.

View from dock looking up to the lodge.

Stairs between the dock and the Lodge.

M's been experiencing Phoenix's these past few weeks and we both saw them in the fires this weekend.

Well the SOTC gathering for 2011 has come and gone.  We had a wonderful time.

During that weekend, The Sacred Birch Society also ordained one of the SOTC "Sisters" into their Clergy.  It was a magical weekend and I am honored to be apart of it.

To my sisters both old and new, it was a wonderful weekend full of crafts, workshops, and bonding as women and sisters.  It was also great to meet two of our "Mom's" as well (Ravenwood's Mom and Amistis's Mom in law). 

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