Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well the surgery is well over and I am into my second week of recovery.  Doc initally said that it would take 2-6 weeks of recovery based on what I had done and what he had to do to make me better. 

I have my good days and mostly been having some really bad days.  Hopefully the healing will be swifter than what it was the past two weeks!  Tomorrow is my two week check up.  Here is to a road to health.  I am tired of being sick and feeling blah, never having energy and down right feeling like shit.  Even though I am experiencing some painful days, my energy level is actually twice of what its been on the daily basis for the past four to six months!  So that overall is a plus!   I am looking on improving that once I get the ok to start exercising again because right now I can barely walk and barely sit.  I lay on my left side alot or stand now a days.  Tomorrow will also be the first time I drive in since the surgery as well.  So I am a bit nervous about hitting a bump in the road (literally) and experiencing some pain shortly after.  I am sure I will be fine, I know where most of the bumps are between my home and the docs office.

I am making myself a "honey do" list to get the things I need done completed!  I have been making changes and updates to the KOTH website so hopefully those will be done soon.  We will be opening up an online store soon, we have tried a few times in the past, but just never got around to doing it.  I plan on making some ritual kits, pagan prayer beads, Mooncycle Menstration necklaces plus a few other goodies.  So please be on the lookout for them.  Also if you have anything you would like to donate to the KOTH Temple that we can sell for raising money, we could use that help as well! 

Sisters of the Gathering is now open for registration, so hopefully we will have a nice turn out for it as well!  I mailed in my registration last week and Rev. Etain has recieved my paperwork and check so I am definitely going now. LOL  I can't wait to spend a weekend with my sisters of the craft and watch my friend Jenn recieve her ordination with SBS (if she finishes all of her requirements, so get your bootie in gear girl!) LOL

I am also writing on a few different magazine articles hopefully that will be considered for publication.  So keeping my fingers crossed for that as well.

My newest guilty pleasure is listening to "The Witches View" Podcast by the Circle of the Silver Moon.  Those ladies are a hoot and remind me of my gal pals back home.  If you haven't heard them, you should really check them out.  If by chance, one of the ladies is reading this, keep up the great work ladies, I really enjoy the show!

You can find them here:

So that is all in a nutshell right now.  I am just recovering and hanging out at home.  My sister Autumn has come and gone, and I miss her dearly!  It was wonderful to spend so much time with her again (as if we lived with one another like we were children).  Makes me realize how important family is and what they are willing to do for those they love when they are ill. 

Many thanks to my husband "Hunter", my sister Autumn, and my coven sister Katherine.  The three of them were instrumental in my recovery the few days shortly after my surgery and took such wonderful care of me!  I love you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart.  The Goddess truly blessed me by having the three of you in my life! 

Blessed Be,

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