Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dinner Party Challenge

Dinner Challenge Thanks Inis MadMadam!  (If you click on title of this post, it will take you to Inis's guest list!)

One of my fellow bloggers has tagged me in this and I really like her guest list!  Trying not to use any of her guests its going to be tough to come up with my own list. 

Here goes:

Elvis Presley
He was probably my first hollywood crush.

Heath Ledger because he had a wicked sense of humor, could sing, act, and dance.

Brandon Lee because it was a shame that he entered the Summerland so young, and so soon!

and his father Bruce Lee.  Bruce Lee was truly a man of vision, wisdom, and changed the way martial arts was perceived within the motion picture industry.  He truly had an impact and changed the world for the better.

Mata Hari, one of the greatest female spies of all time and had that magic of making men fall in love with her.

Zelda Rubinstein
Because she is the first psychic/witch I can remember liking and not being afraid of....."Don't go to the light!" Plus she was so darn cute as the mentor Madame Serena!

So the rules are now that I need to tag six people...so here goes:

Adalis Stargazing
Homeschool Witch

Who would you invite?


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