Friday, April 15, 2011

Moonflow Magic / Mooncycle Magic / Menstrual Magic, etc.

So today I visited some of the Yahoo Groups that I like to follow.  On one of them there were a few posts about a young girl's first menarche.  Those that know me, know that I am very fond of Menstrual Magic and I have a number of workshops I have presented at Convocation in the past few years.  (Still debating if I should resubmit some of these workshops for next year as the Moon is the theme and they would fit into it very nicely).

I have been having issues with what term I should use.  If a person does a search for Mooncycle Magic, they will get a TON of results for the actual phases of the moon.  I have heard of the term Moonflow before.  Don't really know if I like it, but it is a bit more specific.    I am just wondering how to "classify" this type of magic to distinguish it from the phases of the moon type magic. 

So I am interested to know what others think about magic that evolves around menstruation.  What would  you call it?

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  1. YES! You should resubmit them, because if I should get to make it to next year's con, I'm going to want to go to those.

    I like Moon Flow or even Menstrual Magic. Why mince words, just call it what it is! I guess what I mean to say is that I wouldn't be turned off by the word "menstrual" if that's why you were thinking of using something else

  2. Yeah I am kind of worried about what one of my friends would call the "squick" factor. LOL I most likely will use Menstrual Magic just so there are no doubts about what I am talking about. Thanks for your input and wanting to see me at Convocation!

  3. "Menstrual magic" is fine, and straight to the point. I mean, what kind of magic is it supposed to be if we're afraid to call it by its name? And I guess many people will start out (at least on the internet) by googling "menstruation magic" or something...


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