Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Checking In / Surgery

Hi Everyone,

Just a short note to let you know that my presence will be a bit lacking for the next few weeks most likely.

I am having surgery on May 5th and may not feel up to sitting at the computer during my recovery.  But then, it may be one of the few things I might look forward to as I can do it from the bed as well.

Any thoughts, candles, and or energy sent for a speedy recovery would be GREATLY appreciated! 

Research for the my second book is in the works should the first book/manuscript be published by one of the big publishing houses (which would be a total dream come true for me). 

Just been having lots of things going on these next few weeks.  The family's annual neighborhood garage sale this week, then preparing the house the best I can prior to my surgery so my husband or sister won't need to go out to the store and purchase anything while I am down for the count.

I am so blessed to have the sister I have, she is flying all the way from Louisiana to come help take care of me during my recovery and help me out with taking care of my children as well!

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