Thursday, March 3, 2011

Convocation - Masquerade Ball - Saturday

I am new to the world of Steampunk so I let my friends dress me.  Originally we were going for a Steampunk Goddess theme, but alas I was unable to pull a costume together myself and had to rely on my temple sisters for kindness.

Steampunk Mad Hatteress with my sturdy "tea" cup.

Steampunk Goddess Bast

Steampunk Goddess Brigid weilding her iron working tools

Party on on!

Ravenswood getting her groove on!

Our moma wanted a photo of her girls, so here you go Moma! Chris kissin her older sis!

I always feel well protected because I have Ibisfire's back and I know she has mine!

Me trying to dance with Ibisfire and friend Jen


  1. Oh! I met Ibisfire at the ritual! She was awesome! See, now I've been all over your blog, and figured out I've taken some of your classes and I feel like I know you all now. LOL

  2. Very cool Gypsy! I hope you enjoyed my past classes. Next year I am thinking about only doing one child's class so I can attend classes myself.

  3. I also met one of your friends in the pic's she lives near me. She was such a nice person. I met here in the ritual held by Chris.

  4. Hey if you get a chance can you email me. I tryed to email you, But it wouldnt let me., I just have some questions about your website.
    Big Hugz

  5. I have emailed you from my personal email and put my blog title in the subject line so you know it's from me.


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