Sunday, July 21, 2013

K-Drama: Top 10 Kisses

Hi Everyone!

For a belated birthday, my dear husband took me to Alaska on a cruise.  So I have been gone for a bit.
While waiting to board the boat in Seattle, WA, he gave me another great surprise.  He purchased me a new Toshiba laptop.  I am trying to get used to Windows 8 and all these new boxes.  Don't know if I like this version or not yet.

Anyways I received a few emails about wanting to know more about I thought I would go ahead and post my TOP 10 KISSES.

Here goes:  They are listed by Show with a short description of what happened or recap of what was said during that situation. It may not be a direct quote from the scene, but enough information for you to know that is the kiss I am referring too.  You will have to watch the dramas themselves to see it for yourself.

Let me know if you are already a fan and I don't list any that I should be "aware" about. LOL

When a Man Loves:  Jae Hee with Mi Do "Closet Kissing"

Summer's Desire:  Luo Xi  with Xia Mo  "Tell him who I am" kiss.

Personal Taste:  "Game Over" kiss
Kudos to the director on using a 360 degree camera angle on this one. Much appreciated!

Devil Beside You:  When she thinks to herself how it feels to be with the "Devil" himself.  Come on it's Mike He after all. 

Lie to Me:   Coca-Cola Kiss

It Started with a Kiss:  In the Rain
Now with this story, there are a few different versions including Playful Kiss's Kim Hyun Joong which those that know me I am a SS501 fan.  I have to admit that I like the more "aggression" for lack of a better term at the moment that Joe Chen portrays compared to KHJ's character.  In all dramas I have seen KHJ seems to be a gentler man when it comes to kissing.  I don't think he could be forceful.  There was a brief moment in Boys over Flowers, but it really wasn't convincing to me.  Sorry KHJ.

Coffee Prince:  "I don't care if you are a man or alien" kiss

Miss Rose: "You'll catch a cold kiss"

Flower Boy Ramen Shop:  Cha Chi Soo's Motorcycle at the Movie Theater

Fated to Love You:  Ethan Ruan is probably my favorite actor to watch in a kissing scene.    There are many from this series to choose from.

For you to see what I am talking about, go on over to one of my favorite two sites.  DramaFever or Good Drama to see for yourselves. 

So watch these and let me know if you think of them.  Hope you enjoy them.

Crystal T.

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