Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm Back!!!

I debated whether or not to put a photo of Jack from the Shinning here and decided against it.  Maybe later. 

I am back but on a dinosaur computer we had in our child's room.  To make Moma a happy girl, Lancer decided to share it with me.  However it has no room to save anything to the hard drive (hence why no photos right now).  At least not until we are able to do some "spring cleaning" so to speak.  His generosity will save us money in putting it towards a new computer or laptop for Moma and now sits in the living room where I am at the moment typing this.  (Not to mention makes his Christmas alot better too since we are not spending money on a new computer.  Smart boy!)

I have been sick ALOT lately.  Frankly, I have no fracking clue what is wrong with me.  Oh yeah, that would be the FLU.  To a "normal" person this would be a mild annoyance, however for a person with a compromised immune system such as mine because they have kidney disease and Lupus, I feel like death warmed over.   I just want to go back to bed and sleep like I did most of yesterday thanks to my wonderful hubby that did let me do so!

But on Monday thru Friday, Super Mom is on duty whether I want to be or not AND this week is a holiday week!  Oh Goddess what have I done to deserve this?  Now those of you that know me, I mean really know me this is how sick I am...  I do not know if I feel like going shopping on Black Friday!  That is HOW SICK I am right now.  Me, turn down shopping!  So I am trying to do as little as possible (four loads of laundry folded and mostly put away into closets and dressers plus a few more loads to go until I am caught up on laundry).

I also get to go grocery shopping tonight, because I need to pick up the items for my father in law's favorite side dish for Thanksgiving that I happen to be the one who makes it especially for him.....trying to explain what I need on a list would be too long...I have to go do it myself.  Also I have to plan what the heck I plan on eating as this shin-dig I am going to is not vegetarian.  Sure there will be a few things there that are not meat, but I am still a picky eater and have to watch out for things like salt, dang that pesky kidney disease!

So for the next few weeks, I will be doing a revamp of the site.  Trying to make it better, improve it not only for myself but for you my readers as well.  So if there is anything you want to make sure I keep, make sure to comment below.  I have tried adding so much on, that I simply haven't been able to keep up.  So I will be downsizing on the number of things I blog about or at least category wise.  If you look at my tentative schedule on the sidebar you will get a clue as to what I have been attempting to do and will be simplifying.  I do plan on finishing my entries for the Pagan Blog Project, they just won't be done in time with everyone else's for the end of the year.  I don't know if I will participate next year due to my illnesses and unability to keep up with this year's schedule.  Unless I get alot of time to pre-write about things and save them to the schedule to post at a later date.  Right now its not going to happen.

Many thanks for the well wishes I have received on the blog as well as thru emails.  They are greatly appreciated!  May the Goddess bless you with manifesting prosperity and everything you desire this coming holiday season! 

Don't forget to check out for updates on my favorite things for incredible shops to spend your money at this holiday season.  For the record, I am not being sponored or paid to endorse them.  I just believe in their products and/or services! 

Blessed Be Ya'll!

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