Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday's Supper - Dinner at the Table

So here it is Sunday and I am trying to figure out what to plan for our menu for the week.  It's been raining the past two days so I do not want to go grocery shopping in the rain.  I want to be a good Housewife!  However, I have to also deal with reality...I hate shopping in the rain!

One of the things that DH and I strive for is to always eat at the dining room table for our nightly meal.  We started it when we first moved in together back in 1996.  I was amazed to the fact that whenever we went to his mother's we always had dinner at the table as a family.  My family back home we really never ate at the table.  I can remember doing it as a child, but once I "grew" up, it was no longer a requirement.  We were always so busy that sometimes being able to just eat at the same time was a treat in itself being under the same roof.  Whenever DH and I began a family of our own, this was one of the things we both wanted to start as "our" family tradition.  Another thing I had to get used to is that I guess in the "South" people tend to say "Supper" over "Dinner".  That was something I had to get used to. LOL  So whether or not you have Sunday Dinner or Sunday Supper, I hope you have a good one!

Looking on hand in our freezer and pantry we do have enough things to get us through the entire week.

Here is my current and tentative plan:

SUN:     Boys Menu - Baked Chicken with baked potatoes (even loaded!), cucumbers
              Moma's Meal - Sauteed Mushroom Onion blend and a Baked Potato with Dayia,
              Bacos, and Earth Balance Butter, cucumber salad

MON:     Spaghetti & Meatballs (Shhh....The meatballs are vegetarian, don't tell the guys!)

TUE:      Taco Tuesday! (The boys get the meat version while Moma uses "Match" substitute for hers!
              (Goddess that brand of meat substitutes are AWESOME!)

WED:     Pork chops in the slow cooker
               Moma's Meal:  Salad with whatever items she has on hand.              

THU:     Chicken and Rice
              Moma's Meal:  I eat the rice and make a stir fry with peapods, bamboo shoots, mushrooms,
              carrot and broccoli.      

FRI:       Fish sticks and Mac n Cheese for the kids
              Tilapia for Mom and Dad (Fish is one of the few proteins that does not make me sick,
              so i still enjoy it once a week!)

SAT:     Don't know yet...Moma needs to go grocery shopping!!!

So anyways that is the plan for this week!

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