Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tea Tasting Tuesdays - "Good Medicine"

For the next few weeks I will focus my Tea Tasting Tuesday entries to include the teas I picked up while on my trip out West with my Coven.

While at the Crazy Horse Memorial, in their gift shop I came across a line of teas made by the Native American Herbal Tea Company.  I picked up a few of their teas.

The first one I am going to be tasting today is that of the "Good Medicine" variety.

This one includes:

Blackberry leaf
Wood Betony
Linden Leaf and Flowers
Eucalyptus leaf
Ginseng Leaf
Licorice Root
and Natural Flavors

I am not a huge fan of Licorice Root but this tea was surprisingly good.  I was even able to drink it without any sweetner but did choose to add some raw honey to it. 

I wish I took a photo but the boys were driving me crazy.  Just having a few moments to myself to drink a cup of tea alone was reward enough's been a crazy day!

Next time I will take a photo, I purchased more than one kind from this company.



  1. I wish I were more adventerous when it comes to tea. I have this prejudice against anything but the kind you get in Lipton tea. I have no idea why I have this adversion to any other kinde of tea. I wish I knew.

  2. Oh gosh, I simply love teas!
    I can't imagine how addicted to soda I would be if I did not have my various flavors of wonderful tea goodness!


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