Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ConVocation 2013

Howdy All!

This is just a short reminder that if you plan on teaching at ConVocation 2013, you better get those applications into the MEC quickly.  The deadline to submit workshops is almost upon us.

I have already received a few emails if I were going to present again on my Mooncycle Magic series and I have decided to NOT submit any workshops for 2013.


You see, one of my favorite authors will be presenting next year for the very first time at ConVocation!  With my past lucks of wanting to go to Guest Presenter classes (such as Dorothy Morrison, Selena Fox, and a few others) I simply do not want to miss any of her classes if I am able to have the opportunity to go to them.   In the past I was alwasys scheduled the same time as most of the classes I wanted to attend.  So I took myself out of the equation.  It will also give me more time to go see my favorite candle maker, owner of Coventry Creations, Detroit's own Hoo-Doo lady, Jacki Smith's classes as well!  I learn something new every year from Jacki!  If you haven't read Coventry Magic yet, you really should think about buying it!  It's one of my favorite books on the market!

It will be lots of fun going and not worrying about the stress that comes with presenting!  I always "freak" out the night before my workshops and sleep very little wondering if anyone would show up.  Of course when that happened a few times they had to bring in more chairs to accomodate the amount of people that did show up! 

The next few years I am going to be focusing on my health and my writing.  I am currently working on a few separate projects.  It's just focusing on one at a time to complete it is where I am having problems.  I just want to work on them all at once. Hahaha  Who knows maybe for 2014 I will have a new workshop or two to present for consideration in the following years.

So I am looking forward to just relaxing, attending classes, and hanging out with my magical family this coming year.  It's going to be a ball.  After last year, I do know now that I need to bring in my own food. I got pretty sick last year so no playing around this coming year.  Or I will need to research the restaurants in the area better to plan my meals.  When I made my reservation last year I did request the same room, it was an awesome room!



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