Monday, May 14, 2012

Meatless Monday - Cashew Cream Sauce

When I first read about this sauce I knew it had potential!  In the past at one of my Raw Food classes at Nourished Body & Soul by Deb K I learned that the cashew is a very versitile nut.  The first time I had it was as a Mock Alfredo Sauce served over Kelp Noodles and I was hooked.  I have not however been brave enough to try it out until I saw this recipe for Cilantro Cashew Cream Sauce and knew instantly I had to try it!

I was in luck, I happened to have all the items in my pantry or fridge as well so I knew it was a sign that I had to make this sauce!  I am not using it for burritos as the recipe's main page is using it.  I decided to use it another way.  I decided to use it on a salad.

First I soaked my cashews like in the original recipe.

I blended them in the vitamix and then added the other ingridients as stated in the original recipe.

This is the amount I recieved...a large mason jar's worth.

Then I prepared my salad by starting out with marinated Kale in lemon juice.  I let it sit for an hour.

Then I used my new Spiralizer for the first time and cut some Zuchinni.

I added half of an avocado.  Then I massaged them all together. 
Next time I plan on adding the avocado before the zuchinni.

Next came for my's choice was Organic Kelp Noodles. 
I have to limit my salt intake and this gives me a nice substitution.

Just for the heck of it, I added black sesame seeds.  Think next time I want to add Poppy Seeds.

For the final product, I also added some more cilantro because the sauce was just not Cilantro enough for me.  I also added sliced strawberries because I was not in the mood for tomatoes.  I also dusted it with the Whole Foods 365 Line of Vegetarian Parmasan cheese (its another one of my staples transitioning). 

 The overall salad was really good.  For my first time experimenting with making a salad out of ingridients I normally don't use together or eat, I think it was a sucess!  I plan on making it again in the future with a few changes.  The Kale with Strawberries were surprisingly good with one another.  I got lucky with the strawberries as they were more sweet than tart.  They complimented one another very well. 

So this was my dinner tonight, what did you eat and how Raw are you today?

Crystal T.

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