Friday, April 20, 2012

G for Grapes

Sorry for the delay.  I have not been feeling well.  I have been going back and forth to the three doctors I see (family, nephrologist and rhuematologist) trying to figure out just why I have been feeling crappy.

The consensus seems to be that I was deeply dehydrated these past few weeks which caused havoc on my body and immune system.  Also the family decided to get a new member added to the family in the form of a Chocolate Lab named Leia (yes, after Princess Leia if you are wondering).  We are huge Star Wars fans in this household.  So needless to say my energy has been focused on feeling better and trying to keep up with potty training (the two of them) which is a bit overwhelming.  I think Leia is going to catch on before Shaunessy does...he is fighting me tooth and nail!

Shaunessy and Leia taking a nap after playing outside.

So I am a bit behind in alot of things, PBP posts as well.  So this week (today) I am playing catch up.

You can go to G is for Ginger which was posted on March 30, 2012 for my first entry of the G series.

Here is my second entry:  G is for Grapes

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Vitis vinifera

Astrological Influence:  Moon
Western Elemental Influence:  Water
Magical Intent:  Abundance, Bounty, Celebration, Dreams, Fertility, Joy, Money, Summerland Ritual
Deity:  Bacchus (Roman), Dionysus (Greek), Hathor (Egyptian), Het Heret (Kemetic), Iznagi (Japanese)
Holiday/Sabbat: Mabon

Many of the Pagans I practice with include the grape in their rituals...normally as their offering during Cakes and Ale portion of the ritual.  I have also witnessed its use in cleansing the ground prior to the ritual's casting of the circle in place of broom sweeping to clear any negative energy from the area.  Many times as well I personally have used the fruit, leaves and vines in my spell working, as altar decorations, and as ritual adornment such as a crown or bracelet make from the fruits dried vine. 

Since being diagnosed with my illnesses because of the medications I need to take I can no longer partake in the ritual drink.  One of the things I have ammended in my personal practice is that I still use the grape in my Cakes and Ale portion of my ritual but now its shifted from the "Ale" to the "Cake".  One of my favorite things is to use is a shortbread cake with a Concord Jelly or Preserve upon it.  I make my shortcakes in the form of circles to represent both the Moon and also symbolize coins.  I mainly do this during the Sabbat of Mabon or whenever I am working a prosperity spell. 

Last year for my birthday, my coven sister Katherine gifted me four silver coins that adorned each member of my family's zodiac sign within Chinese Astrology.  I placed these four coins in a sugar jar that was gifted to me by another coven sister Emerald with a package of good old fashioned sun kissed raisins, you know the kind in the little red box ;)  I then placed the jar upon my altar that is located in my kitchen in the windowsill for the sun to shine upon it each and every morning.  This year has so far been very blessed for me with prosperity.  Not exactly in the monetary fashion but I have won several contest and received several books I really wanted to read for free for exchange of my honest review.  So this year the grapes (raisins) have been really kind to me and I am grateful for the grape!

One of the simpliest things you can do to incorporate magic in your meals without spending alot of money is simply putting grape jelly on your toast.  The grape jelly would symbolize prosperity and abundance.  With adding it to bread which I also view as a culinary tool for prosperity and money both items in combination give your prosperity spell an added boost. 

I hope you can find the magic in your meals!


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