Friday, March 11, 2011

Preparing my path to Localvore

Lately the news has had me thinking about our economy (not only the US in general, but specifically here in Michigan).  What could I do as one person to help support my local economy?  What do I do on a daily basis that would and could make a difference? 

Buy and eat my food locally of course!

So I am on a mission to find out what food items are available to me locally.  With the spring and summer months ahead of us when local farmers markets begin to open, I will of course have much more available bounty of produce during the warmer months.  So now for the next month or so, I will begin to change the items I buy on a weekly basis to closer producers from Michigan.

First I look in my own cupboards and fridge at first glance, I know I currently buy:

Sugar: (Pioneer and Big Chief)
Better Made Potato Chips
Faygo Pop
St. Juliens Wines (ok I am a BIG supporter of them. LOL)

This might be harder than I thought...need to do some research to find out more companies!



  1. Dont forget Maple surup made in michigan. And I know we are pagan and want to by everything earth friendly But dow corning makes allot of products from toilet tissue to scrubby Bubbles, and that supports michigan too. Hemlock semi conductor makes a polysilicon, which is in compurters and Phones and many other things. Unilever Barands hold Michigan made Products such as all Dove Products and Leaver 2000.. I hope this helps You. I am a Michigan Made girl too! Go you in suporrt of your State!
    Witchy Hugz

  2. Try your hand at canning! You can buy extra produce during the summer when it's in season and cheap, and can your own. There is a blog called Chickens in the Road that is an AWESOME resource for canning. That way you can support your family and your local community AND save money! Everybody wins! Yay!

  3. Whole Foods carries a local honey from my back yard so to speak. Will post more about it when I have time.


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