Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dreams to Come?

Well, wish me luck!  This evening I went to the post office and put my first completed manuscript in the mail to my favorite publishing house.  Here is to keeping my fingers crossed that they want to publish my book For the Pregnant Pagan Priestess.

Hopefully my dream of being a published author will materialize!  So now the waiting game begins.  Please Goddess give me the strength to not bite every nail on my hands off from the waiting.   I was told to not bug or contact a publishing house for a minimum of three months.  That is how long the process is to even get to a submitted manuscript. 

Here is to one of my dreams coming true!

Wish me luck and if you are so inclined, cross your fingers for me will you?

Blessed Be,

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  1. Yay I'm so excited....I know you will get published! And I will be one of the FIRST to buy it, even if I'm not preggers!

    P.S. Don't bite your nails, they make them ugly :-D

    Man...didn't know it takes THAT long just to hear frustrating and nerve wracking!


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