Monday, February 21, 2011


Convocation is almost here!  Less than three days I will be at the largest indoor Pagan event East of the Mississippi!  I say East because Pantheacon is slightly larger. 

I plan on Tweeting about this wonderful event, so if you want to catch my tweets, make sure to follow me @crystallunaroug !  There is going to be a ton of excitement and fabulous Guest Presenters such as Dorothy Morrison, M.R. Sellars, Christopher Penczak and my personal favorite mentor and friend Nora Cedarwind Young! 

You can also check back here for updates as I plan on blogging about each and every day at the event once I get there.  You have to love WiFi! 

So if you are attending Convo yourself, make sure to look me up and say Hi!  I would love to meet you and chat!

Its going to be a busy few days from now until then.  Picking up KOTH's High Priestess Autumn Starr ( who is also my biological sister, not just a sister in the craft.  We are a magical family!  Getting some quality time with her alone before I have to share her with the rest of the community. LOL

KOTH has a larger crew attending this year, we have AmethystCat and Ibisfire from the Rhea Lur Coven, we got Terry and Jenn from the Sacred Birch Society, as well as my fellow Women of the Willow sister Katherine Ravenswood!  Our big night out for dinner will happen, most likely the Thursday night because Friday and Saturday are just so dang packed with all sorts of wonderful things to do! 

Its going to take me all three days to pack!  Especially since today was a snow day in Michigan and my two boys are home biding for my attention. LOL  Mental note, pack at night when they are asleep!  Where are those suitcases anyways?

Special Note to anyone reading this that is attending Convocation....please be kind and share the luggage carts!

Blessed Be!

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