Friday, October 15, 2010

Convocation 2011

Well today must be a seriously lined up in the stars for me!

First we received word that our first choice for a location for the Sisters of the Craft Gathering was accepted, and now I have even more great news!

I received confirmation today that I will be presenting at Convocation 2011!  I will be presenting three of my newest workshops!  One of them was tested last year for the first time and received positive feedback that they are bringing it back again!   Sorry for those that wanted the Mad Hatter Tea Party, that one will be on hiatus this year to make way for:

The Pregnant Pagan Priestess!

The Pampered Pagan's Pantry


Child's Play (A crafting hour for children to build their own coloring BOS and special salt dough project).

I am so excited to be doing these workshops!  See you next February!

Blessed Be,

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