Friday, September 24, 2010

Bang My Head

So I am trying to work on my book.  I am wanting to submit a completed manuscript over a proposal.  That way, should I be accepted for publication, the writing is done and it is straight into the editing process.

However, this is the first time I am attempting on putting my thoughts to paper.  There are not alot of books out on the market on the chosen subject I am writing about and I am running into a road block.  The category which I am finding difficulty is in the Correspondence for the subject matter.  I realize I am being very VERY vague because I have had some things / ideas taken from me in the past and choose not to expose too much information this time around.   I wish I knew a published author personally so that I can ask their advice.  The few I do know, I have yet to receive a response on my question or advice on which path of structure I should take.  So I am going to ask anyone that is reading this......

In matters of Correspondence to the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
If its a completely new list of items that you have not seen described in book before, would you rather:
Option A - A simple Chart of the four elements with the new items listed under each of them?
Option B - A chapter that consists of a glossary of why each item is in its specific elemental category listed in alphabetical order?

Please give your input....and many thanks!


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  1. Maybe you can merge the two, like have the chart to begin the chapter, then use the rest of the chapter to explain the chart, so its a quick reference, but also and in depth one if the person is reading the whole thing. I know a lot of time when I am just looking for something specific fast i look for a chart, but when i have time to sit down and read my books, i like to read the details so i get more information to help my studies.

    Hope that helps :D


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