Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday Bliss

Last night, my coven sister Ravenswood took me out for Sushi at our new fav bistro.  We ate ourselves silly!  Its splurge time whenever its one of our birthdays, the diets go out the door (as they should for the evening).  The gifted me with a silver key chain that says "Blessings".  I know I am blessed that she is in my life.  Thank you for a wonderful evening of Magic and Mayhem! 

This morning I woke to a hand drawn birthday card from my son Lancer.  He drew me a ballerina in a field of flowers.  At school, he decided to make me a paper horse.  As I write this, I await my husband's arrival.  He's picking up a few of my favorite things for dinner.  A "Tailgator" from our fav rib place and then is picking me up some dessert (Pecan Pie if they have it, if not then choclate cake).

Even with the rain and Shaun's teething, its turned out to be a great day for getting older.
Many thanks for the well wishes for my birthday whether it be phone, email, IM's, Facebook, snail mail, etc.  I heard from alot of old friends and some that are brand new.  I am a lucky gal to have so many people wishing me well on my big day.  I must say thank you to my mom for having me, with you, I would not be here or the woman I am today!


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