Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Studies

Well I did it!

Yep I finally broke down and ordered a correspondence course that I have always wanted to take. I will be studying under Rosemary Gladstar! Last week I ordered her Science and Art of Herbalism class and it came in the mail Priority Shipping today! I am so excited! I tore into the box to find a very (well extremely) large binder stuff with information and lesson books!

Now those that know me I am an herb lover. However I have never had any kind of formal training. My knowledge is from trial and error of learning from books and the internet. After weighing out the pros and cons of several courses and teachers, Rosemary and Sagemountain was the one course I kept going back to. While I was pregnant it was her Herbal Healing for Women that I used as my bible to cure what ailed me from morning sickness to other complications associated with pregnancy.

One of my goals in taking this course is to further my knowledge and take charge of my own health and that of my family. I wish to live closer to Gaia and use her wonderful bounty she already supplies to us without having to depend on chemicals that I can not even pronounce hald the time!

I look forward to learning from this fantastic lady!

Imbolc is just around the corner! I hope everyone has a wonderful Sabbat! And by chance, did everyone see that wonderful full moon last night? She was freakin HUGE!



  1. Good for you Crystal. I will be anxious to hear what you have to say about the course a little further along. I am thinking of doing something very similar so I will await your reactions.

  2. How exciting, I'm really happy for you! Best of luck. =)


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