Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The stress of the holidays is now past and this new year I am focusing on my home. Its the year of this Housewife after all. We will be preparing our home for possible sale in order to aquire a larger one. Yes we know that we will get beat up on pricing for the one we want to sale, but we will make up for it on the one we purchase ourselves.

So now it is onto decluttering and putting away many of my favorite things to not discourage or "offend" future buyers. So I decided to take a few photos of a few of my favorite things.

This is my favorite Kitchen Witch item. She is made of glass and black stain. She was purchased for Samhain a few years back at Crossroads.

My broom. This was gifted to me for my Greenwitch Initiation over a decade ago. It is one of my most prized possessions. She will not come down until the for sale sign goes up in the yard!

This cute beauty was aquired at Pagan Spirit Gathering in 2008.

This is the upper shelf in my kitchen. I am addicted to all things wicker. Baskets, Stars, etc. In the far corner are a few of my most prized cookbooks as well.

This is just a glimpse into my home. There will be major changes as I start to "stage" the home for sale. Maybe I will take "before" pics to get advise from a few friends to see what they can suggest to spruce up the place!

Its time to get to cleaning...today is the Magical Mommies Playdate and my home is a mess!

Happy New Years to you!


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